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Heliotherme 4000

Capacity: Heating: 5,4 do 21,9 kW – Cooling: 10 do 15 kW
Air flow:
 1000 to 12000 m³/h
Markets: Administration, Hotels & Shopping centres, Industries
Applications: For HEATING or COOLING small or large spaces (industrial facilities, warehouses, garages, distribution centres, sports halls, multi-purpose room, etc.) fitted with central heating or cooling systems (such as reversible heat pumps).

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TPL 4000 – Destratifier

Air flow: 2450 to 12600 m³/h

Markets: Administration, Hotels & Shopping centres, Industries

Applications: Fan motor assembly with ROTOREX technology: air flow efficiency and acoustic comfort. Diffuser with JET+ technology blades. CIAT TPL 4000 destratifiers help to reduce the energy needed to heat medium and large spaces by nearly 30%.

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Capacity: 5 to 120 kW

Air flow: 900 to 14000 m³/h

Markets: Offices, Administration, Hotels & Shopping centres, Healthcare, Industries, Residential

Applications: The most silent air heater for anti-freeze protection or heating of large volumes. All the accessories of the SILENTHERME range. Numerous accessories.

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