Intel trade

Intel Trade was established in Opatija in 1989, where the headquarter of the company is now situated. During the company’s development office in Zagreb was opened, as well as service-storage and educational centre in Mučići near Rijeka, and service-storage centre in Zagreb.

Today the company has 34 employees, of which 18 are mechanical and electrical engineeres, and 6 are B.Sc. in Economics.

Main activity of the company is supply, engineering and servicing of HVAC equipment.

Our partners are companies CIAT, Honeywell, Salmson, Schako, Cristopia, Carel and Panasonic.

Intel Trade tim

We offer our competences and complete services in the field of our activities:
• designing of HVAC installation
• technical calculation
• energy sources and energy consumption optimization
• preparation of feasibility studies for investments in energy systems using renewable energy sources, in particular CHP biomass plants
• preparation of feasibility studies for ESCO (Energy Savings Performance Contracts) in the industrial sector
• HVAC equipment delivery
• commissioning
• education of end users
• after sales maintenance
• production of electrical microprocessor cabinets

Intel Trade has several annual maintenance contracts for the equipment delivered to the customers.

There are 14 specialists in the service department (refrigeration and automation specialists).

In our business, we participated in the realization of more than 1000 significant HVAC installations, and with the application of knowledge, experience and dedication of our employees, we have become a reliable partner for designers, contractors and end-investors.

The company is one of the leaders in the implementation of thermotechnical installations for various building types in the whole Croatia.

Experience and knowledge

In almost 30 years of business operation we have participated in the realization of more than 1000 significant thermotechnical installations in Croatia.

We have achieved cooperation with numerous design offices, installers and investors.

By representing selected European manufacturers we are able to offer complete solutions for HVAC installations.

Regardless whether the building is a hotel, hospital, business or industrial facility, working with designers and contractors we strive to design solutions that incorporate the latest technological innovations.

After project implementation and execution of the installation on most objects we remain present during the operation by working with maintenance services.

Our employees, together with the representatives of the partner companies, actively participate in conferences, trade shows and other HVAC related events in Croatia, as evidenced by numerous awards for technical solutions and for quality of products.

All sales engineers and servicemen are regularly educated in European educational centers of partner companies which enables us to implement the latest HVAC engineering knowledge in projects.

On presentations of the latest HVAC equipment, which are organized in our own, as well as equipment manufacturers training centers, we strive to share experts knowledge and exchange experiences.

By translating technical documentation into Croatian we want to bring technical solutions of the equipment closer to designers, contractors and end users.

Special department of the company located in service centre in Mučići has been specialized in production of electric control cabinets for HVAC systems. We supply the cabinets with all necessary test sheets, certificates, electrical and application schemas, and they are built with components by renowned manufacturers which guarantee the quality and long term reliability in service. The production is designed so that every electric control cabinet is fully adjusted to the corresponding HVAC system.