Range of services

We offer our competences and complete services in the field of our activities:

  • designing of HVAC installation
  • technical calculation and equipment selection
  • HVAC equipment delivery
  • commissioning
  • education of end users
  • after sales maintenance

Universal comfort

Our motto is that universal comfort is not a utopia. It is a core value that should be thoroughly examined and improved with the application of new technologies. Thanks to a cooperation and strategic partnerships with leading companies worldwide in the field of thermal engineering and by applying our knowledge and experience we have become a trusted partner.

The main activity of the company is representing and servicing of renowned European manufacturer’s equipment in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning.

From the beginning with the same goal

21st century man spends 80-90 % of the time indoors. He is surrounded by air which is the foundation of life. Air quality affects the mood, productivity and health.

Our mission is to provide air treatment and improve the living space conditions regardless of the building type, season and number of persons. Particular attention is paid to thermal comfort, acoustic comfort, air distribution, energy saving and environmental protection.